In todays world the "F" word is the one word that always catches your attention. And when I say the "F"word I mean FREE!! T.E.R. Septic offers incentive programs for our customers that can potentially get them free maintenance contracts, parts, or service.  We offer cash referal fees for our customers.  You scratch our backs and we scratch yours.  We are all about bringing in new customers and what better way can we achieve that goal than to have our customers tell their friends and family about T.E.R. Septic and get them to make the switch.  Simply fill out one of our referal sheets and give us the name and contact information to your friends and family and give them a call to let them know we will be reaching out to them.  If they sign up, BOOM you get paid.  We will either hand you cash or you can use that cash to add to your account balance to offset any charges that may come up with regards to your septic. Oh and by the way if you opt to add to your account we double your pay out.  We offer 10$ for each referal in cash or 20$ added to your account.  It is a law that we all must have maintenance contracts on aerobic septic systems so get your friends and family to make the switch and make sure you let them know how they can take advantage of the same incentive program. And thank you for being a valued T.E.R. Septic customer!!

The importance of aerobic septic systems
Septic System Waller County Texas

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