History in the making!!

Septic Systems and Septic Tanks have been around for almost 160  years. The first septic tank was invented by a Frenchman named John Louis Mouras. His tank was made out of concrete, much like many of the products completed today.  Septic Systems in Montgomery County Texas are a very important part of the wastewater industry as they are the primary component of wastewater disposal in many homes and business where municipal utility districts (MUD) do not exist. When installed and maintained properly, they are a very effective and efficient means of treating wastewater.  It is very important to understand everything you can about your Septic System in Montgomery County Texas in order to maintain your system and to minimize costs related to repair and neglect. Your septic system can get very dirty very quickly if not maintained properly.  It is very important to understand how it works as well as how to operate it properly.  Your septic is designed to process organic waste and water only.  It is not for processing trash and other non organic material.  So the only things that should go in your septic system is human waste and toilet paper.  No Tampons, Condoms, Cigarettes, Trash or  plastic wrappers. All of these items as well as others are very harmful to your septic system and can be the source of costly repairs. Call T.E.R.Septic now to get a free consultation and inspection.  We are offering special Back To School Discounts to get you ready for the school year because lets face it, when you have kids getting ready for school and rushing to get out the door you do not want your septic to start backing up in the house. Also we are offering a free fixture inspection with all new maintenance customers to make sure nothing is leaking and overloading your septic system.  Did you know that a leaking toilet or faucet can overflow  a septic system in a matter of hours?  This can cause all kinds of problems, one of which is flooding of yard and inside your home but more importantly costing thousands in repairs.  Dont let this happen to you!! Call now!!  Also dont forget it is a law in Texas that you must have a maintenance contract for the life of your aerobic septic system. Not having one is against the law and could cost you thousands in repairs and legal trouble with the state.

The importance of aerobic septic systems
Septic System Waller County Texas

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