Hurricane Season is here!

Yes Hurricane Season is here and you may ask what does that have to do with Septic Systems? Well it has lots to do with Septic Systems, especially if the power is knocked out for several days.  Your Aerobic Septic Systems is small scale wastewater treatment plant that must operate 24/7. Your septic system is designed to process a certain amount of organic waste in a 24 hour period and is also designed to contain different stages of treatment in each compartment.  So when the power goes out, no more processing of organic waste is taking place, also the excess water being introduced to the system has no where to go. This causes the system to back up and becoming contaminated or as I like to put it " Your entire system goes Septic".  This is a problem as it transfers solid waste to the other compartments of the system which will require removal and cleaning in order to get it back up and going once the power is restored.  So what do you do? 

T.E.R. Septic can come to your place and prepare you and your home for such an event.  We can install generator  power access for your septic or we can install a generator connection at your main power panel that will run certain circuits, such as water well, septic, refrigerator, A/C and more.  We also offer generator rental during storm season while supplies last.  So dont let a storm sneak up on you and cause you major problems, get ahead of it and give us a call.  We can come out and develop a plan for you that is affordable as well as effective in a major weather event. Dont wait till its too late call now!!

The importance of aerobic septic systems
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