Septic Life!!

You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and all of a sudden the floor is wet. You turn on a light to see what is going on and then you realize the toilet has been hung open and running for hours! You stop the toilet and go outside to find a red light and the buzzer going off.  How could this happen?  Sometimes our luck is not so good! Toilet hung up and pump breaker tripping at the same time, what are the odds?  Hey it happens.  With a remote monitoring device installed you would have gotten a text saying your alarm was going off, indicating a problem.  Not only would you get a text but we would also get the same message and you would receive a call or message from us as well.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Most folks don't realize that a leaking toilet or faucet can wreak havoc on any septic system.  If the pump runs continuously it can overheat and shut down or even worse trip the breaker.  I you don't catch it, or if you are not home or out of town, you could come home to a complete disaster.  Always check your fixtures and keep an eye on your septic system and consider a remote monitoring system ($1,100.00 Installed). I promise you that is a small price to pay compared to a house flooded with sewage.  You will never get rid of the smell! Give us a call and schedule a free fixture inspection and let us install a remote monitoring system today and protect yourself from disaster. And remember if its dripping its a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. 

The importance of aerobic septic systems
Septic System Waller County Texas

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