Vacation Homes and Low Use Aerobic Septic Systems

We are so fortunate to live in The Great State of Texas, where it seems like the economy is always doing well and we have lots of beautiful lakes and land to which we escape for some relaxation.  Vacation and Lake houses are very popular and many of us have more than one home to take care of.  However, much of the time we forget about the aerobic septic system.  Hey as long as the toilet flushes were good right?  WRONG!!! If the effluent pump is operational then most likely the toilet will flush, but is the effluent being pumped out into your yard a good quality effluent or are you simply pumping sewage from the toilet to the yard.  An Aerobic Septic System in many ways is like a fish aquarium, only instead of fish you have bacteria. What happens to the fish in an aquarium if they run out of food?  They turn to eating each other!!! OUCH!!  Now besides the canabalism factor, the problem with this is that eventually there will only be one left and when there is no more food the last one dies off, basically leaving you with a tank full of water and dead organisms.  When new food is added to the tank there is nothing there to eat it thus letting the food rot and making the tank basically a big nasty wet trash can. So what happens to a septic tank that does not have organic waste being introduced daily? The same thing!! The bugs run out of food and start eating each other and when the last one dies so does the aerobic treatment process.  So all of the new waste introduced to the system simply passes through and out into your yard.  GROSS!! Mind as well just go outside and save the water....Right? Wrong!  So you may ask well what about when you first install the system, there are no bugs in the water then so why doesnt it just pass through and go out in to the yard?  Because the water in a new system is clean and fresh, not full of toxic dead bugs that have already been processed as far as they can go.  So you could just call T.E.R. to come pump it out and start all over, or try another trick.  First of all make sure you have a T.E.R. Aerobic Septic Maintenance Contract, and let us know up front this is a vacation or second home and will not be lived in full time.  We can take steps during our visits to keep the "BugLife" vigorous and active.  We can add bacteria to the treatment plant at each visit or you can purchase some from our store to keep on hand and make sure it gets loaded once a month.  You can also add a cup of sugar and a cup of corn meal before you lock up and leave.  This will keep bugs active for several weeks.  But remember if your gonna be gone longer than that you may want to let us know so we can give you a monthly treatment plan and add to your maintenance contract.  If you have questions or want to know more give us a call!! We will come out and provide you with a free consultation and develop a plan that is right for you.

The importance of aerobic septic systems
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