Weekend Checkup

Most of us look forward to the weekend, its time to unwind from the week and relax and recharge the batteries for the next week.  Maybe a little yard work, however in this heat...I dont know.  But your Aerobic Septic System never stops or takes a break, so this is a good time to go take a look and listen and yes even a sniff.  This may sound GROSS but this is actually one of the things we check at each visit is the odor or lack of.  Your Aerobic treatment unit should smell like an old musty closet, not Sewage. If it is getting the right amount of air and food the process should be running good and it shouldnt smell all that bad.  PH level is very important as well, if a customer is using a lot of vinegar for cleaning stuff this system will smell sour and not work as well until that acid is processed and no longer introduced into the system.  If you have a surface disposal or spray Aerobic Septic System then you have to add chlorine or some other disinfection process.  We install liquid chlorinators on all of our systems and if you have one, or even if you have tablets, the weekend is a good time to check and fill the chlorinator.  So enjoy your weekend and stay safe and give us a call for all of your Aerobic Septic System needs.

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