Aerobic Septic Systems in the Greater Houston Area


  1. An Aerobic Septic System is for a single-family residential home. Aerobic Septic Systems are very common & utilize the latest technology.
  2. We install both Aerobic Septic Systems & Traditional Gravity Septic System.

Septic Installation Cost

  • The typical cost to install a residential Aerobic Septic System = $8,000 - $15,000.

Design & Permitting

  • Cost = $1,500 typically (Which includes soil evaluation, site evaluation, engineering, design, & permitting).
  • Allow us to design your Septic System & get it permitted by the appropriate county office. 
  • A 500-700 Gallons per day Septic System is typically used for the average home.


Requirements to Install a Septic System

  • 1/2 Acre of Land (21,780 Sq-Ft) for a single-family home that is served by a central public water supply.
  • 1 Acre of Land (43,560 Sq-Ft) for a single-family home in areas where individual wells are used for water supply.
  • Septic tanks: must be 50 Ft. from public water wells, 50 Ft. from streams, & 5 Ft. from buildings.
  • Edge of spray area: must be 150 Ft. from public water wells, 50 Ft. from streams, & 20 Ft. from property lines.
  • Signing a contract with a Maintenance Provider who will inspect the home septic system every 4 months & submit the necessary paperwork to the appropriate county office (As required by the state).

Advantages of an Aerobic Septic System Over a Conventional Septic System

  • Provides a higher level of treatment than traditional septic systems
  • Utilize the latest technology.
  • Less chance of groundwater contamination
  • Can be installed in rocky or clay soil areas
  • Recycles water whenever possible
  • Requires less space
  • Easier to install

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