Septic Permit Process

6 Steps to Get a Septic Permit in Harris County

Step 1:

Ask your general contractor for…

Step 2:

  • Email Harris County to pull an open records request on the property to get all information that the county has on file. (

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

  • Ask an Engineer or a Registered Sanitarian to do the following…
  • Give the Engineer or Registered Sanitarian…
    • The Survey of Property 
    • The Floor Plan
    • The Site Plan
    • The OSSF Permit Application
    • The OSSF Affidavit to the Public
    • The OSSF Acknowledgement of Testing Requirements
  •  Ask the Engineer or Registered Sanitarian to pull the permit for you.
  •  For the official homepage of Harris County Septic Permit go to


 12 Steps to Get a Septic Permit in Montgomery County

                                                      Montgomery County Permit Department

Step 1:_____  Completed [Permit Application] (Montgomery County Permit Office)

Step 2: _____ 3 sets of Soil Analysis (Site Evaluator) (1 original set) -Ask Engineer or Registered Sanitarian. (Here is a list of Professional Engineers & Registered Sanitarians [])

Step 3: _____ 3 sets of Septic System Design (Designer) (1 original set) -Ask Engineer or Registered Sanitarian. (Here is a [Sample -Septic System Design])

Step 4: _____ Floor Plans for all residential and commercial buildings -Ask General Contractor. (Here is a [Sample -Floor Plan])

  • (A) Show applicable bedrooms, restrooms, and square footage of structure
  • (B) Signed by property owner
  • (C) Will be returned to applicant when permit is issued

Step 5: _____  [Disclaimer]  (For ALL systems from Montgomery County Permit Office, notarized)

Step 6: _____  [Map] (hand drawn & written directions from Conroe)

Step 7: _____  [Affidavit to the Public] for Aerobic Systems

  • (A) Signed by Owner Only, notarized
  • (B) Filed at Montgomery County Clerk's Office (by owner or applicant)

Step 8: _____  [Two Year Initial Maintenance Contract] for Aerobic Systems

  • (A) Signed by Owner 
  • (B) Signed by Maintenance Operator/Installer ("TER Septic Site & Utilities LLC")

Step 9: _____ Site Plan (with location of structure on property) (Here is a [Sample -Site Plan])

Step 10: ____ [Power of Attorney]

  • (A) For signature of Permit Application and Disclaimer, notarized
  • (B) Must be original

Step 11: ____ Legal Description (plot plan & survey) (Montgomery County Clerk's Office) (Here is a [Sample -Plot Plan & Survey])

  • (A) Subdivision (recorded plats) (1) Lot, (2) Block, (3) Section
  • -Or- (B) Metes and Bounds: written description (unrecorded plats) from: (1) Deed, or (2) Deed of Trust, or (3) Warranty Deed

Step 12: ____ If you receivewater from a public utility district or company, you must provide a letter on letterhead from that company stating water service will be provided to your property.

*Note Two Year Maintenance Contract MUST be completed by Owner and Installer before final inspection.

*For the official homepage of Montgomery County Septic Permit go to 


Design & Permitting

  • Allow us to design your Septic System with our engineres & get it permitted by the appropriate county office.