Alarms & Pumping

Alarms Going Off?

Reason: Due to high levels of effluent in the Pump Tank (3rd Tank).

Temporary Solution: Pump out & clean your Septic Tanks.

Possible Long-Term Solution: Replace the pump in the 3rd Tank. Check power to the system & test wiring to ensure it is operating properly. Unclog any grease buildup. Backflush any disposal spray lines or drip lines.

*It is possible that grease buildup in the system has backed up the septic tanks causing the alarms to sound. In general, it's highly recommended NOT to put grease down the sink to protect your expensive Septic System.

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We Do Septic Pumping & Cleaning

Pumping Frequency: Every 3-5 years (Typically)

Typical Cost = $0.35/Gallon 

The sludge (solid waste) at the bottom of the tank determines when the tank is pumped. A licensed Maintenance Technician uses a sludge judge (long plastic pipe) to accurately measure the sludge level in the tank. If you open your Septic Tank lid & see a high liquid level, this does not mean it needs to be pumped, this is normal.

In a typical 3 tank Aerobic Septic System…

The 1st tank is the Trash Tank which holds the solid waste.

The 2nd tank is the Aeration Tank which cleans the liquid effluent up to codes & standards.

The 3rd tank is the Pump Tank. The pump is housed 12" from the bottom of the tank. It is recommended to pump out & clean your system when we measure 8"-10" of sludge.

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