Land Development and Site Preparation Services Company in the Houston Area

TER Septic Site & Utilities LLC is your best choice when you need a reliable site development team. From land clearing and site prep to septic tank installation as well as underground utilities and paving, we do it all. We have all the necessary construction equipment which allows us to complete big and small projects.

Site Preparation Services Include:

  • Concrete
  • Drainage / Dirt Work
  • Tree Removal
  • Retention /Detention Ponds
  • Water Drainage

Pad Site Preparation in Texas

A pad site is an area which is appropriate for constructing a property, shop, garage or any structure. We are a leading land clearing expert for pad site preparation in Texas.

We essentially clear the land by removing trees, underbrush, stumps, etc. along with 5-6 inches of the topsoil and refill the site with the select filling material. Then, we spread and roll it and make it compact after which it sits at an elevation higher than the surrounding ground to aid in drainage.

The benefit of creating a pad site preparation is that the structure built on it will not move or shift and it will be elevated from the surrounding so that water does not collect or enter the structure. TER Septic Site & Utilities LLC offers the best services for pad sites preparation and helps in making your property safe and secure.

We Build Superior Commercial Pad Sites in Texas

Inadequate pad site construction will delay projects and increase costs. Poor quality pad sites can result in settling of foundations which might lead to erosion, flooding, or foundation failure. TER Septic Site & Utilities LLC makes sure to create the strongest commercial pad sites in Texas so that the structures built on them are safe and secure.

Benefits of pad site prep

  • Even support for your building
  • Excellent drainage
  • Helps keep weeds out

To find out more about our full line of services, continue browsing through this website or speak with one of our staff. We look forward to working with you. Call or contact us for more information.