Maintenance Plans

If you live in the Great State of Texas and you are the proud owner of an aerobic septic system then you will need a maintenance contract. However dont be fooled by verbage. An Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Contract is really nothing more than a testing and reporting contract to determine wheter or not your aerobic septic system is being maintained properly. This aerobic septic system maintenance contract is between the homne owner and a licesnced Maintenance Provider and must be valid for as long as the system is in operation. Most of the time this contract does not actually cover any maintenance other than cleaning some components and filters and taking some samples of the effluent (sewage water) and testing the samples to make sure the system is working properly. When a problem is found the home owner is notified and given an estimate to make necessary repairs or service. When a problem is found the home owner typically has 14 days to make repairs and reinspect and report. Most aerobic septic system maintenance providers carry parts on vehicles and can make repairs on site if approved by the home owner. Aerobic Septic Systems in Harris County are inspected quarterly most other counties are inspected every 4 months. The purpose of these aerobic Septic system maintenance contracts are to keep the public safe and to make sure people are not disposing of untreated sewage on the ground or exposing the public to raw sewage. T.E.R. Septic is your preferred Septic System Maintenance Provider in the northwest Houston Area. With over 25 years experience in the Septic Industry its no surprise that T.E.R. is the preferred company for you aerobic septic system needs. From Design-permitting-installation-maintenance-repair or any other septic needs T.E.R. is your one stop shop for all your septic needs. Give us a call today 281-516-9530.