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Quality. Reliability. Service. Value.

Residential and Commercial
Septic Tank, Site Prep, and Utility Services.

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Quality. Reliability. Service. Value.

Residential and Commercial
Septic Tank, Site Prep, and Utility Services.

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TER Septic Site & Utilities

Site Work, Earth Work, Concrete, & Utilities

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Septic System Services

For over 22 years, TER Septic Site & Utilities LLC has abided by the old passage, "If you don't have time to do it right, how will you ever have time to do it over?" by James Bumgardner. We only use the highest quality parts made in Texas. We pride ourselves on the quality, timeliness, & reliability of our projects.


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Site Prep, Site Work, & Earth Work

  • High Quality Materials
    Here at TER Septic, Site, & Utilities, we only use the highest quality materials. We take pride in our work, and we want that work to last as long as it can for you.
  • Experienced Crews
    Our building crews are knowledgeable and experienced to get the job done quickly, and correctly.
  • Custom Site Pads
    If you can dream it, TER can build it. We offer unlimited custom options for all of our residential & commercial projects
  • Reliable Work
    With over 25 years of experience with Aerobic Septic Systems, Site Work, & Earth Work.

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Latest News

Septic System owners beware of the heavy rain.  If you have a conventional system it could be overflowing or backing up into your house with all the excess water.  Call us today to solve your septic system needs....Read More

You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and all of a sudden the floor is wet. You turn on a light to see what is going on and then you realize the toilet has been hung open and running for hours! You stop the toilet and go outside to find a red light and the buzzer going off. ...Read More

Most of us look forward to the weekend, its time to unwind from the week and relax and recharge the batteries for the next week.  Maybe a little yard work, however in this heat...I dont know.  But your Aerobic Septic System never stops or takes a break, so this is a good time to go take a look...Read More

We are so fortunate to live in The Great State of Texas, where it seems like the economy is always doing well and we have lots of beautiful lakes and land to which we escape for some relaxation.  Vacation and Lake houses are very popular and many of us have more than one home to take care of. ...Read More

T.E.R. Septic is purchasing a new Septic Pump Truck to serve you, our customers, better and faster.  We will be running specials on pumping for the rest of the year.  So if you have an Aerobic septic system in Montgomery county, or an Aerobic septic system in Harris County, or an Aerobic septic...Read More

This Blog is unrelated to Septic Systems, however I just want to express our hearfelt condolences to all of the families in Odessa and Midland TX.  It is never easy to discuss events like the one that unfolded yesterday, and we all have different opinions on how to deal and make changes that would...Read More

In todays world the "F" word is the one word that always catches your attention. And when I say the "F"word I mean FREE!! T.E.R. Septic offers incentive programs for our customers that can potentially get them free maintenance contracts, parts, or service.  We offer cash referal fees for our customers. ...Read More

Yes Hurricane Season is here and you may ask what does that have to do with Septic Systems? Well it has lots to do with Septic Systems, especially if the power is knocked out for several days.  Your Aerobic Septic Systems is small scale wastewater treatment plant that must operate 24/7. Your septic...Read More

The weekend is here and we all want to just relax or spend time with family having fun, but what if your Septic System fails?  Call T.E.R. Septic if you experience issues because we are here for you 24/7/365.  So dont wait till its too late, call us now we offer free inspections and have incentives...Read More

Septic Systems and Septic Tanks have been around for almost 160  years. The first septic tank was invented by a Frenchman named John Louis Mouras. His tank was made out of concrete, much like many of the products completed today.  Septic Systems in Montgomery County Texas are a very important...Read More

Are you looking for a company to install a Septic System in Waller County Texas? asdf asdf asd a sd  in Waller County Texas? Septic System in Waller County Texas? Septic System in Waller County Texas? Septic System in Waller County Texas Septic System in Waller County TexasSeptic System in...Read More

Why Choose TER Septic for your Montgomery Texas Septic project? TER Has been building Septic Systems IN montgomery Texas for over 20 Years.Case Study:Photos:Call Now for all your septic system needs. ...Read More

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What Our Customers Say

Excellent work, and the guys finished on time.

Brooke W.

TER Septic did an amazing job and I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

Chris R.

The TER team really knew their stuff, and finished the job on time like they said they would. I recommend them to anyone looking for a septic system.

Mary R.
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