Aerobic Septic System Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services in the Houston Area

TER Septic Site & Utilities LLC is a local full-service aerobic septic system installation, repair and maintenance company serving the Tomball and Houston TX areas. Call or contact us for more information.

Choosing your Septic System

While traditional anaerobic septic systems have been the most commonly used until now, a lot of the newer homes and areas are opting into the aerobic septic tank options. To aid in breaking down sewage waste, aerobic septic systems inject oxygen into sewage waste, stimulating the growth of aerobic bacteria. These systems are more costly to maintain and run but the benefits are enough to make it a good alternative in some situations. You may find that, because of space requirements, an aerobic septic system may be right for you. Be aware that you must have continued maintenance of these systems.

Furthermore, the site must have access to electricity because they run on circulating pumps. This also means you must pay the cost of the electricity necessary to run the aerobic septic system. Because this is more expensive than the traditional gravity-powered septic systems, these aerobic septic tanks are generally being used to replace failed septic tanks. Call or contact us for more information.